Netroots Nation steps up, offers valuable gift

Netroots Nation is a few things at once. First, it an annual conference of the ‘netroots’, the term of art for progressive digital natives using the internet to have an impact.  But it’s also an ongoing source of inspiration for those of us in the online organizing world – an ongoing example of what’s possible to acheive.

They’ve agreed to help us out with some promotion, including (details in process) providing some free passes to the 2010 Netroots Nation in Las Vegas for us to give away. Should it be a raffle of all attendees? Those who fill out our soon to be released survey? Winners of a nifty contest?

I’m fantasizing about a way of raising some additional change from our attendees, so that the winners not only get that coveted pass, but airfare and hotel as well. I don’t know who will win, but it would be amazing to see our community really come together to help some unlikely folks make it.

For now – note that Netroots Nation is now in the ‘sponsors’ catagory.


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