Organizing 2.0 • NYC register by Friday

Short and sweet:

1. Registration is up and running. Please register by Friday to take advantage of the $10 early bird rate.

2. Spread the word. Join our Facebook Event Page, and forward this email to 5 people you think should attend. Add a sentence of your own at the top. Something like: ‘hey, this will be an amazing conference – check out the list of sessions here and register before it fills up! And don’t forget to Tweet.

3. Volunteer. We need a bit of help, which is only natural for a grassroots, volunteer led event like ours. On the day of we’ll need some help serving lunch, hanging signs, and cleaning up. Interested? Hit ‘reply’ and let us know.

4. We’ve lined up some wonderful, generous sponsors, who appear in the graphic below. We’re still short though. Please email if you can help with our (very modest) conference expenses.

5. Seriously – it’s been a pleasure these past few weeks talking to organizers, activists, and experts. We’re so excited to be offering this event and meeting all of you in person on Saturday, December 5th. If you have suggestions to make the conference event better, post a comment on the site or reply to this email.

Thank you,

Charles Lenchner, Elana Levin, Nate Heasley & the rest of the Organizing 2.0 crew

P.S. Need help explaining what this conference is all about? Organizing 2.0 help organizers working for fairness and justice in New York to use online tools in their work. We are from the labor movement, community organizing groups and political activists. We are spokespersons, fundraisers, bloggers, web developers, canvassers, and administrative staff. We are organizers. Join us.
Conference Sponsors

Organizing 2.0 • NYC is a conference for labor and community organizers building capacity for to use online tools to win in 2010. Please join us.


One Response to Organizing 2.0 • NYC register by Friday

  1. Andi Sosin says:

    Hey, It’s unlikely I can come, but as a member of the Education & Labor Collaborative, it sounds like you are organizing a terrific event.

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