Idea: New Resource for Online Organizers

Over the past six months or so I’ve been saving advocacy emails from a set of groups, especially around health care. The idea was that looking at the advocacy emails side by side, from groups that are competing for attention and loyalty from fairly similar demographics, would yield interesting insights.

At the very least, one could browse through email campaigns the way that graphic designers and ad agency people browse through books that just have examples of interesting print work. It would be a resource for generating ideas (= copying), learning about the long narrative arc of each organization, and looking back at at a unique slice of American social-political history.

The problem is – how to display this resource so it’s most useful? The best case scenario would be to subscribe to the alert list of an organization with an email address that is configured to post each new email as a complete blog post. You would visit the site, click on ‘MoveOn’ and see the sequence of MoveOn emails delivered to me, or the fake persona that I signed up with.

Blogger and both have ‘post by email’ features that look useful. They are; but not for CRM advocacy emails. The biggest problem is that they see a line as a sign that the post is over, and a line can be ‘– ‘.  So you can’t really automate a system where new emails just end up as blog posts.

Another issue is tagging. It looks like I have to manually tag each and every email to make sure that the sequence has a tag or catagory, and therefore a link that connects the reader to the entire sequence from that organization. Unless…. maybe if we had a separate blog for each and every organization, each with it’s own email address feeding the posts?

Luckily, exists – a relatively new blogging platform that is easy to use, designed to convert almost any email into a stand along post, as long as it comes from the proper address.

What do you think of this solution. I’ll create five Posterous blogs for five online campaigning organizations. Using unique email address for each organization’s list, the process of uploading each new email as a blog post will occur seamlessly. As a last step, I’ll create a blog that:

A. Aggregates every new post from the five Posterous sites on a single page.

B. Has a handy link in the navbar to the five Posterous sites so you can see the entire email sequence from any single group.

I haven’t done all this yet, so please offer your helpful comments.


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