Overcoming Resistance to Change & Latest News

Event Recap

Our last event featured yours truly and Elana Levin talking about ‘Overcoming Resistance to Change – for Online Organizers.’ It was a recap of our Netroots Nation session, so it should have been even better. For some reason though, it felt just a teensy flat in comparison. I wonder if it’s because the NN crowd had some built in intimacy/trust and they were all ‘online organizers’ in a way not true for our NYC audience.

Not that anyone complained. We even had Scott Heiferman, the CEO of Meetup drop-in for a bit – and he stayed for like, twenty minutes! That’s our new metric for success – Scott Heiferman minutes, or SHM. Can we beat 20? He’s a real interesting guy and y’all should follow him @heif.

Resources and Takeaways

We won’t repeat the content of the session, but the highlights are drawn in part from three excellent resources.

Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath. This book outlines very concrete strategies for creating change when you don’t have command and control power within the organization. Most of us techies are serving various departments, as opposed to running them, so the strategies are immensely helpful.

The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine. Written explicitly for the nonprofit world, these two superstars we know and love pretend to be writing about how to succeed with social media and online organizing. But they are really writing about organizational change management. Shhh! Don’t tell.

The Webthinking Manifesto by Tim Walker and Michael Silberman. This is a wonderful document – not necessarily because it breaks new ground. But it’s short, it’s a list, and it fostered a great discussion in the community. And the points are right on. Print it, think of your own organization, and weep.

Coming up

Our next event is Measuring Social Media with Harish Rao – Wed., August 25th, 6-8. Rao is the former CEO of EchoDitto and the former Tech Director for Howard Dean. We’re lucky to have him discuss the latest on the social media front.

Dan Heath (co-author of Switch) is the keynote speaker at the next Nonprofit Technology Conference, the annual NTEN event. This is amazing! I’m going again this year, and you should join me.

Beth Kanter and/or Allison Fine will be guests at a future meeting of the 501 Tech Club NYC. You won’t want to miss this.

An article in the NY Times alerted me to a brilliant kind of event – the FailFaire. It was created by Katrin Verclas (currently of MobileActive). Some of us really want to have one in New York. Want to help?


One Response to Overcoming Resistance to Change & Latest News

  1. Beth Kanter says:

    Thanks for the nice shoutout about the book.

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