Sessions and Workshops

You can see the conference schedule in different ways:

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–          As a list of session titles and speakers – below

Plenary sessions

State of the Netroots in the age of Obama
WITH: Ari Melber in conversation with Nancy Scola

Learning from Obama for Local Campaigners
WITH: Colin Delaney in conversation with Charles Lenchner

Closing Session
WITH: Deanna Zandt, Andrea Batista Schlesinger. Netroots Nation raffle(!)

Sessions of special interest for labor, community organizers, and local political activists

Organizational change and the adoption of online tools
WITH: Josue Guillen, Kenyon Farrow, Calvin Williams, Althea Erickson.

Conversation: economic justice groups talk about their experiences with online organizing
WITH: Allison Fletcher Acosta, Kristi Barnes, Tania Schank

New York Netroots and the Media
WITH: Azi Paybarah, Brian Keeler, Liza Sabater

Best Online Tactics for Albany & City Hall
WITH: Ben Kallos, Brian Keeler, Benjamin Yee

New York’s 2009 races: who did what online, how does it stack up?
WITH: David Redlener

New York labor online
WITH: Dania Rajendra, Sunshine Ludder, Debra Rosen

Organizing theory and practice: translating community organizing to online space
WITH: Paul Getsos, Kristi Barnes, Talia Shank, others

People of color/immigrant/non English online organizing
WITH: Moderator: Suman Raunathan, with Sunshine Ludder, Liza Sabater, Meagen Ortiz, Jackie Mahendra, Rachel LaBruyere

SEIU’s online work: moving national capacity to the local level, using online tools for organizing campaigns
WITH: Brad Levinson, Michael Whitney. Moderated by Elana Levin or Jason Lefkowitz.

Integrating print and online for labor communications
WITH: Mariya Strauss, Dania Rajendra, Jason Lefkowitz, Chris Garlock

Advancing new media work at your old school union
WITH: Elana Levin (moderator), Amber Sparks, Chris Garlock, Mariya Strauss

Best online practices for local political races.
WITH: Ben Kallos

MoveOn: Online and Offline
WITH: Danielle Feris. Moderated by Nancy Scola.

Sessions with more general training in online organizing

Online Organizing 101
WITH: Steve Perez, Joe Dinkin

Getting online content production right OR how to untangle the bureaucracy
WITH: Charlie Albanetti, Michael Whitney, Elana Levin

The value of online communications consultants
WITH: Julie Blitzer

Choosing and using CRM software
WITH: Matt Wilse

Using data for electoral work and GOTV: The VAN, Catalist, microtargeting and more.
WITH: Asher Ross

How do plan for your website redesign
WITH: Fureigh

LGBT Online Organizing
WITH: Jeremy Hooper, Adam Bink and guests.

What can you do for free or very low cost?
WITH: Alice Aguilar

Low dollar online fundraising
WITH: Steve Perez, Michael Whitney, Kenyon Farrow

Writing for email and web
WITH: Joe Dinkin, Jason Lefkowitz, Fureigh

Designing a winning advocacy campaign
WITH: Larissa Lawrence, M. Whitney, J. Blitzer, Debra Rosen

Google Adwords and blog advertising
WITH: Matt Horon and SEIU person

Mobile phone activism
WITH: Rachel Labruyere.

Starting off on social media: the basics
WITH: Jen Nedeau, Shireen Mitchell,  Mahendra


3 Responses to Sessions and Workshops

  1. sunshine ludder says:

    a potentially useful session: the intersection of MSM strategy and social media/online organizing. Both have public components but often different audiences. How do you coordinate these appropriately (or how much do they need to be coordinated) and what are red flags/past experiences to look out for or avoid?

    Thinking of this most from a messaging and strategy angle.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Deanna Zandt, Liza Sabater. Liza Sabater said: RT @randomdeanna: It's @Organizing20! With @abschlesinger @arimelber @blogdiva @unionmaidn @nancyscola & many more […]

  3. Amos says:

    I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about the PdF Evening Series Discussion with OpenPlans, on May 19th from 6:30-8:30 with DoITT Commissioner Carole Post; IBM Director of Citizenship and Technology, John Tolva; and PdF Founder Andrew Rasiej.

    They will be talking about what NYC and other cities are doing with their data, how citizens and tech companies are using it, and what the future holds.

    For more info and to Register visit: PdF Evening Series

    Complimentary beer and wine will be served after the discussion in the beautiful penthouse suite at OpenPlans in SoHo. Register today as space is limited.

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