We’re still adding names, but this is a good starter list that showcases the amazing talent and diversity coming together for this conference:

Allison Fletcher-Acosta, Jobs with Justice
Charlie Albanetti, Citizen Action NY
Kristi Barnes, Jobs with Justice NY
Julie Blitzer, Advomatic
Colin Delaney, epolitics.com
Joe Dinkin, CT Working Families Party
Shayna Englin, Englin Consulting, LLC
Althea Erickson, Freelancers Union
Kenyon Farrow, Queers for Economic Justice
Danielle Feris, MoveOn
Judith Freeman, New Organizing Institute*
Chris Garlock, Metro Washington (DC) Council, AFL-CIO
Paul Getsos, Author, Tools for Radical Democracy
Josue Guillen, Progressive Technology Project/MayFirst
Ben Kallos, Mark Green Campaign
Larissa Lawrence, Care2
Elana Levin, Writers Guild of America, East
Sunshine Ludder, Raha – Iranian Feminists NYC
JackieĀ  Mahendra, America’s Voice
Ari Melber, New Organizing Institute/The Nation
Shireen Mitchell, Digital Sistas
Jen Nedeau, Air America
Meagen Ortiz, VivirLatino.com
David Redlener, The Advance Group
Debra Rosen, M+R Strategic Services
Liza Sabater, The Daily Gotham
Talia Schank, Community Voices Heard
Mariya Strauss, ILCA
Michael Whitney, FireDogLake
Calvin Williams, Generational Alliance
Benjamin Yee, Manhattan Young Democrats



One Response to Speakers

  1. I’ve posted slides and resources for my workshop on Writing for email and the web. Take a peek. If you were there, and are looking for feedback on your draft writing, hit me up on twitter @mw or send me a note via http://www.theCoup.org.


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