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Organizing 2.0 • NYC Dec. 5, 2009
Training & Strategy for Labor and Community Organizers

Is online organizing really ‘organizing’? That’s a challenging question for those of us from a labor or community organizing background. That said, online organizing has received a lot of positive attention recently in connection with the presidential elections. What does this mean for our organizations? What skills do we need to share to make the most of no-longer-new online tools for our campaigns in New York?

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Organizing 2.0 is a grassroots led conference of social justice organizers primarily from labor and the community organizing world. Participants range from those new to online organizing as well as experienced professionals.

Organizing 2.0 NYC: Training and Strategy Conference for Labor and Social Justice Activists

Date/Time: Saturday,  December 5th •  9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, 25 West 43rd Street, 18th Floor

Proposed Sessions and Strategy Sessions:

  • What can my organization do for free?
  • Choosing low cost online organizing and advocacy software
  • Getting the most out of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube
  • Training session: managing your constituent data for beginners
  • Case studies: what union locals have done online
  • Engaging the New York blogosphere
  • Moving online supporters offline, and offline supporters online
  • Painful transitions: managing the trauma of adding more ‘online’ to your organizing
  • The digital divide: myth vs. reality
  • Case studies: online tactics used in the recent ’09 elections.
  • Coalitions online: how we can swarm and win on local issues.
  • MoveOn’s offline organizing – what you need to know even though you aren’t MoveOn
  • What online pressure tactics work best at the city and state level?
  • Brainstorm: what are the big legislative fights of 2010, and how do we win the Netroots fight?
  • How can we generate national Netroots attention for New York issues?

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